No. 1 Wharf Shed Re-roofing - Gisborne

On this project we were the successful tenderers to remove the Super 6 Asbestos roofing and replace with Foam coloured ColorSteel.

In keeping with the general colour scheme of the area that Eastland Infrastructure had already refurbished. For the re-roofing we subcontracted Advantage Construction Eastern Ltd.

The roofing was removed in sections starting above the Wharf Bar & Restaurant (sea side). As well as the roof removal, each opened up section was vacuumed to ensure that no contamination existed within the ceilings and an Acrylic Vinyl Latex adhesive was applied before new roofing was installed each day.
A variation of the contract was to extend the eaves some 600mm on the seaside of the roof and fit new windows and skylights.

We acknowledge the patience and understanding of the following tenants of No.1 Wharf Shed:
Wharf Café Bar & Restaurant
BronwynKay Real Estate
Gordon Gecko Restaurant & Bar
& thank the following businesses for their considerable help:
Dept of Labour
Advantage Construction Eastern Ltd
Eastland Infrastructure Ltd

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