Noxyde - Revolutionising Corrosion Control

What other option other than painting do you have to protect your tanks, pipelines, process equipment, bridges, cranes etc…? Perhaps you would love to galvanise, but you can't on site.

Noxydizing… a new technology

Corrosion protection by elastometric membrane.

Corrosion… not only your problem!

Annual losses worldwide:

2% of all metal

approx. 4% of the GDP

$760,000,000,000 to fight

Noxydizing… meets your needs


Noxydizing has excellent elasticity (>200%) for protection against cracking and peeling on metal surfaces subject to expansion, contraction, movement and mechanical impact. Ideal for cables bolts and nuts, cladding etc. 


Even when the membrane is cut, its incredible adhesion will prevent any type of undercutting by corrosion and therefore corrosion is not able to spread.


Noxydyzing is impermeable for water. This strength and its excellent elasticity make Noxydizing the best solution for the protection and waterproofing of cladding and metal roofs. 

Excellent edge coverage

Corrosion usually begins on the outside edges where there is minimal film build. Testing proofs a 100% coverage at a round corner and still a 41% coverage at a 90 degree corner.



Promptly available from stock


Quickly available on request*. Many colours can be made to meet your specific needs, whether your selection comes from RAL, NCS, AFNOR, BS or unique company colours, we will make them.


For other colours, gloss level or enhanced chemical/mechanical resistance, please note that Noxyde can be over coated with various Rust-Oleum Mathys topcoats*.

We can give you professional advice on your Asbestos Surveys, Asbestos Removal, Asbestos Encapsulation or Anti-Corrosion & Intumescent Coating Requirements.
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